Establish a Company in TURKEY

Turkey is one of the most promising business markets in this region because the importance of its location which made Turkey to a connection point between Europe and Asia.

This factor encourages foreigners to come and Establish companies in Turkey for investing in multiple fields and markets.

As a Law firm, we handle the process of establishing an official company for individuals or shareholders with all legal and necessary documents and approvals.

We also help with work permits and social security process.



We help our clients establish a new company in Turkey with all the legal help we provide to ensure the are protected and safe with the Law.

Submit the memorandum to Central Registry Record System
Submit the memorandum and articles of association to MERSIS (Central Registry Record System)
Extract Company and Employees Social Security Number
Submit and follow up with working permits for employees and managers.
Support with Corporate Legal Consultation and Advise
Our Lawyers will support with all corporate-related legal issues and laws.
Execute and Notarize Company Legal Documents
Our Lawyers will Execute and Notarize all kind of Company Legal Documents needed

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